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We are a sourcing and distribution company based in India dealing with fine chemicals, formulations and pharmaceutical intermediates.With more than 25  years of experience in supply chain management and a strong network of custom manufacturing companies and chemical producers from around the world, we have been handling an unlimited product range.

With our expertise in the global market and experience of sourcing in the rapid changing fine chemical market, hidden champions of the fine chemical market could made available for your research and production needs. We are sourcing from all major countries in the world to fulfill the need of excellence in quality and performance and supply to all locations worldwide.

Our expertise:

  1. Identifying and sourcing of suppliers of hard to find chemicals.
  2. Meeting all quality specifications
  3. In house and third party testing for complete customer satisfaction
  4. Complete end to end logistics support.
  5. Support of onsite audits
  6. Exclusivity, confidentiality and customer protection

Product range includes:

  1. API and intermediates for organic synthesis.
  2. Organic and Inorganic Fine Chemicals
  3. Research and Development Products
  4. Formulations

We are also catering to the following industries

  1. Food and feed additives.
  2. Flavour and Fragrances
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Paints and Adhesives.