Why Us

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 1. Integrated solutions for fine chemicals.

We strive to be the preferred solution for all your fine chemical needs

  • producer, supplier, distributor & marketer of fine chemicals with >25 yrs of experience
  • we source your products through own, or third party manufacturing in the most transparent way
  • on-house QA/QC, warehousing and certification to the highest standards

2. Production Site

Multi-ton scale production

    • Fully owned production plants in India
    • Fully ISO 9001:2015 certified
    • Through selected prequalified partners under exclusive arrangements

3. Contract Manufacturing

Our mission is to be your custom manufacturing partner of choice for …

    • API intermediates
    • intermediates and products for agrochemistry, cosmeceuticals, nanotechnology, additives, flavours, fragrances, photography, electronics industries and more.


  1. We are a Technology Driven Custom Manufacturing partner for multistep synthesis for sophisticated products.

  2. 4. Development and Commercialisation Partnerships

As a development partner for innovations we are …

  • exceptionally agile in assisting on short notice
  • supplying you gram or kg scale quantities up to multi-tons
  • rare or even new-to-earth products
  • growing together with you at the pace of the market demand.