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In operation since 2008, Suryansh group with Its diversified business interests including: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment Supply,Tourism and Hospitality, NRI caring services and Foods. We are World’s premier Medical Tourism Service Provider,helping people worldwide to facilitate best treatments and medical care in India. We have formed an alliance with various national & International accredit hospitals which are an integrated healthcare organizations and with our team of experts who work round the clock for any medical or non medical assistance that you require during your treatment far away from your home. We help you in every step you take like with your travel logistics, visa, and transportation for medical treatment, surgery, hospitalization, stay and travel in India.By linking patients in USA, Latin America, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, SAARC Countries and health service providers in India, we offer the highest quality healthcare at an affordable cost and make sure that the whole process is maneuvered smoothly with no discomfort to you.


Our partner hospitals boast of various accreditations like JCI, NABH,ISO-9000-2001, etc equipped with an efficient team of well qualified and professional doctors, dentist, cosmetic surgeons and nursing staff who have been trained abroad. All the hospitals have the finest infrastructure, modern equipment and maintain the utmost standards of hygiene. We also offer excellent wellness facilities like the Ayurveda spa and resorts and yoga clinics which help you recover and relax.



Our mission is to help provide patients with integrated healthcare & tourism services with trust and integrity.

To locate the highest-quality healthcare with tailor made solutions for your specific needs and to provide complete information and advice that helps give you the confidence to make the best choice among your many options.

  1. Services:



  1. Visa Assistance

Once the visit to India is confirmed our team in collaboration with our medical partners will submit the required documents for the Visa Application. Medical Visa will be approved for the patient as well as an attendant who will accompany for the medical procedure. Our team will assist you with all the formalities for the Visa application.


Travel Arrangements: All the travel arrangements will be made by our team to make sure that your whole experience is hassle free.


Airport Reception and Private Transportation

We will also make arrangements for Airport Pick up and private transportation throughout the trip. This includes pre arranged travel for all needs including doctor visits, hospital check ups, sightseeing and shopping trips within the city to escorting you back to the airport at the end of the trip.

  • Cellular Connectivity

To make communication easy in the country whilst your stay for the trip and also for communicating with your family back home we will provide you with a pre paid cellular phone.

  • Accommodation arrangements

Customized hotel packages will be made available as per needs and budget ranging from five star facilities to simple bed and breakfast. Once package is chosen entire arrangements for the hotel stay will be our responsibility. We will make sure that everything is just as would like.

  • Bilingual Assistance.

For the patients who have difficulty with the language will be offered bilingual assistance and interprators will also be made available for their convenience to make sure that the trip is smooth and effortless.

  • Ambulance service

Special care will be given to the disabled patients and ambulance service will also be provided for special cases. Ambulance service can be availed from the airport also for emergent cases.

  • Pre Procedure check ups and Doctor Appointments

All the doctor’s appointments, tests and other medical appointments will be planned and fixed in advance as per your schedule and convenience, preceding the medical procedure. One of our team member will be assigned and will be with you every step of the way.

  • Hospital arrangements

The medical procedure required will be carried out in one of the medical facilities in our tie up which all have international standards and accreditations with advanced technologies and impeccable hygiene standards. Our team will assist in all the hospital formalities and making sure that premium service is delivered.

  • Private nursing attendants

In case the patient needs private nursing attendants will be made available equipped with the proper training, depending on the procedure and criticality of the patient.

  • Check ups during recovery

In the recuperating stages check ups will be arranged to ensure full recovery, also the doctors taking care of the case will also discuss recovery plan with your physicians in your home country as needed.

  • Wellness packages and sightseeing tours

If after the treatment you are interested in exploring our beautiful country tours will be organized to any place in the country including various wellness and spa packages including the more traditional rejuvenations techniques. Full knowledge of the customs, culture and the major attractions will be shared with you so that you get a true taste of Indian hospitality.