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Activated Manganese Dioxide

Activated Manganese Dioxide is an Inorganic Compound with the molecular formula MnO2, it is a blackish brown powder which occurs naturally as the ore Pyrolusite, the main Manganese Ore.

We are exclusive Activated Manganese Dioxide manufacturers in India of the chemically synthesised product. Our product is Activated and has catalytic properties which are used for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

The manufacturing process for the chemical synthesis is  very complex which we have fine tuned with our experience in the industry and made it for best catalytic performance. We are also fully able to manufacture this product for various application by customising the product specifications to your special manufacturing needs.

As per the current demand, our production capacity is 6MT/Month.

We manufacture 3 grades of Activated Manganese Dioxide depending on the application it is needed for. 

  • Oxidation Grade
  • API Manufacturing Grade
  • Polysulphide Sealant Grade



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